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My name is Armando C. Cortés. I am an English to Spanish freelance translator located in Mexico with more than 7 years of professional experience.

Along with a close group of linguists, we offer our skills, experience and knowledge to help you translate into Spanish your English content of any kind. Because we UNDERSTAND, SPEAK and LIVE your customer language!

Armando C. CORTÉS
Translator and CEO of MARINA Traducciones


translated words (and counting…)

Top-notch technology

in translation and QA tools

7 years

of professional experience


in IT, Marketing, Humanities, E-Commerce, Human Resources, Technical Content and Corporate Communication


If more people understand in their native language what are you trying to communicate, they will be more willing to pay attention.


To help our clients in expanding their language frontiers by establishing a clear and natural communication bridge with their recipients.




Process in which the meaning of a text in English is comprehended and then written into Spanish.


Creative Translation

Sometimes called Transcreation. The process of adapting an English copy into Spanish with the cultural weight and flavor of this language. The goal is to convey the feeling, impact and impression intended in the original language.


Software and App Localization

Localizing software strings and user interface elements, such as buttons, menus, text on screen, etc. The code is secured and out of scope, assuring the complete functionality of the localized software.



Reviewing, cleaning and enhancing a translated text to make sure it reads natural and fluent in Spanish.



Scanning a translated text for grammar, syntax and spelling errors to correct them.

Fields of Expertise




Human Resources

Technical Content

Information Technology

Corporate Communication

Specialized in Mexican Spanish

Because each Spanish-speaking country has its own cultural flavor, we can help you localize your message specially for the Mexican market.


Quality and Safety Procedures

Thorough Proofreading Before Delivery

All translations are reviewed thoroughly before being delivered.

Privacy Protection Software

All computers and devices are secured by licensed solid antivirus and privacy protection software which are continuously updated.

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We help your message cross language and cultural boundaries, putting our language wisdom at your service


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