Process in which the meaning of a text (source language) is comprehended and then written into another language (target language).



Cultural Adaptation

Sometimes called Transcreation, it is the process in which a copy is not only translated, but adapted and enriched culturally with regionalisms and terms used by readers from a target language. The goal is to convey the impact and impression intended in the original copy.



Software and App Localization

Is the service of localizing strings which contains text to be displayed (buttons, menus, text on screen, etc.) into a target language. The rest of strings is not affected by the translation, assuring the complete functionality of a software, UI or app.




Process of checking a translated text to make sure that correct terminology was used. This typically involves research -whether online and in specialized dictionaries- and it is accompanied by recommended corrections.




Process in which a text is scanned for grammar, syntax and spelling errors. The meaning of words and terminology is irrelevant here, as the job focuses only on the correctness of the text.